Film Language among Those Who Know

I’ve seen one too many catholic schools put out promotional videos which are lousy in almost every respect. The videos are also all the same in everything but proper names.

Look at Thomas Aquinas College’s new website, or the promo videos from St. Martin’s Academy or Wyoming Catholic; they are all lousy. The only schools not making dumb videos are those not making videos. Now, I know these schools are not savvy film critics, but they should remember less is more and antics only detract from dignity. I would like to illustrate by drawing a parallel. Below I’ve taken a paragraph from a school’s news release and given to it a grammar analogous to their promotional video. If you believe it is well re-written, then I will concede my point. Here it is:

“In order, that we can greatly honor, very, very much, the great ye,ar of the great, great St. Joseph, the great Doinican Friars of the very great Province of the ost Holy Name of Jesus are wonderfully producing a gr,eat video, 9 day novena to the  great Patron (St. Joseph again) of the Universal Church, the best and only true chrch, which is great. The first woderful installment, St. Joseph, ,Husand of the Mother of God & Diligent Protector of Christ (a,bove), wonderfully came out Wednesday, but if you, great person who loves what we do, happily begin the great 9 day Novena today, you will finish it most luckly. on March 19 — the Feat of St. Joseph.”

Let’s try a little harder in the future not to look like philistines.

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