Sanshiro Sugata

Sanshiro Sugata is the first movie that Kurosawa directed and gained him immediate recognition as an artist. This recognition was well deserved. There is in the movie few scenes that betrays an amateur’s hand, and enough excellent scenes to be considered a great movie. Though Kurosawa quickly surpasses this movie in his own work, onlyContinue reading “Sanshiro Sugata”

Movies that Boys should watch now.

There has been a worldwide failure of manhood. Woman, said De Tocqueville, form the mores of society, that is, the rules by which the society operates. If Women demand men be strong, the men will become strong, and if they demand men be well versed in Shakespeare, men will read him–what the woman hold asContinue reading “Movies that Boys should watch now.”

The Child King Descends in Mortal Manner

From the floor a flight of stairs up and up does rise, If you’re the sort to think ahead, t’will come as no surprise That at the top it hits a spot where flooring once more lies. Not morally, but levelly, is how it lies of course, And down that course old Benny Boy, comesContinue reading “The Child King Descends in Mortal Manner”


Robert Bresson is hard not to like, if once you can begin to like him. His was a career aiming only at perfection, and particularly the perfection of film without anything unessential: if the image in motion couldn’t say something, then he wouldn’t say it. Mouchette is, perhaps, the only movie of his which IContinue reading “Mouchette”

Film Language among Those Who Know

I’ve seen one too many catholic schools put out promotional videos which are lousy in almost every respect. The videos are also all the same in everything but proper names. Look at Thomas Aquinas College’s new website, or the promo videos from St. Martin’s Academy or Wyoming Catholic; they are all lousy. The only schoolsContinue reading “Film Language among Those Who Know”

Veterans Day and Freedom

November is a month particularly set aside for thanksgiving. Not only is there the Holiday of Thanksgiving itself, but the month begins with a call to remember those who have gone before us and are now among Church Triumphant and the Church Suffering, and we cannot but remember them with gratitude. And there is yetContinue reading “Veterans Day and Freedom”

November and the Culture of Death

Halloween has its roots in All-Hallow’s Eve and so is rooted in Christianity, at least in name. Despite this, a writer on liturgical traditions, Fr. Francis Weiser, has pointed out that many of the traditions of Halloween are not rooted in Christianity but in heathen practices from druid times. Whether Halloween was inspired by paganismContinue reading “November and the Culture of Death”